Posted by: Legalized Bribery | August 4, 2010

Big Business, Deep Pockets — The Joe Barton Way

Rep. Joe Barton -- BP's Biggest Supporter
On June 17, 2010, Congressman Joe Barton embarrassed
himself, his constituents, the great State of Texas and the United States by apologizing
to executives of BP for the treatment they received by President Obama.
It is clear, Congressman Barton does not want BP to have to pay for cleaning up the
mess in the Gulf. Well then we must ask, who is going to pay to clean up the mess? It’s
either BP or the US Government (pick one). And when we say the “US Government” we
mean its taxpayers or to be more specific – YOU.
Before you vote for Congressman Barton, you should ask yourself why he’s so
concerned for BP and not for you as a taxpayer. Specifically, why did Congressman
Barton want YOU to pay for cleaning up the oil mess in the Gulf that BP caused? Our
guess is – it’s because Congressman Barton receives a lot of money from the oil & gas
industry. He’s merely paying back his “real” employer.
Specifically to date according to, Congressman Barton received
over $1.5 million dollars from the oil & gas industry (link to Open Secrets page for
Barton showing $) and he’s now just paying them back in services. Unfortunately, by
paying back the oil & gas industry for all those campaign contributions, he’s willing to
screw you, the American Taxpayer.
Now we fully understand that Congressman Barton will say that receiving $1.5 million
dollars from the oil & gas industry does not mean he’s willing to do their bidding over
the best interests of the American public. But when is the last time someone gave YOU
$1.5 million dollars and asked for NOTHING in return?
For all of our sakes, PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT before voting for Congressman Barton!